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We’ve all experienced the blinking light problem on a Nintendo NES. You put the cartridge in, turn it on, only to realize there is a blank or flashing screen and the red light on the NES is just blinking away. You have a couple options to fix the problem, and no, one of them is not to blow on the cartridge. Although this method has been used by millions of NES players for decades it’s actually very damaging to the game. The blowing method worked partly due to you actually blowing dust and debris off the pins so they made a better connection.. also the moisture helped the conductivity of the pins. While it seemed like a great idea and easy fix at the time, it was damaging the pins in the long term. Moisture and metal do not mix. However, thanks to a successful Kickstarter campaign by Arcade Works the Blinking Light Win was born.

blinking light win, blinking light nintendo nesThe Blinking Light Win was designed by Arcade Works to be a permanent fix to the blinking light problem. In recent years a lot of NES gamers just replaced the pin connector in their NES toasters. A new pin connector will run you around $9.99 on eBay and amazon. However, this is considered just a temporary fix as the pin’s will indefinitely wear out again. So here to show us how to install the Blinking Light Win is our very own Dave the Hexed Pedestrian. You can watch the promotional video for the Blinking Light Win as well as Dave’s step by step installation video below.

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