How To Change The Battery In NES Cartridges

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For the most part NES cartridges are built like tanks. Many of them are still going strong 25+ years later. However, after 25 years some games have lost their ability to save. The games that save have a battery, which by now may have finally checked out. Maybe you’ve experienced this by putting hours into a game like Zelda or Final Fantasy, saving it, only to realize the next time you play nothing is there. To help us understand what exactly needs to be done to replace the battery, we’ve turned to our newest NES Page contributor Dave the Hexed Pedestrian.

hexed pedestrian, replace battery in nes gameDave is the Hexed Pedestrian. His first video game experience was at three years old with the Coleco Telstar Arcade, trying in vain to shoot a dot flying across the TV screen. In 2015, he set out to replace the batteries in his NES games and discovered a plethora of bad tutorials on the internet. He felt duty bound to teach others the proper way to replace the old, worn out batteries in their beloved, classic games. He started his YouTube channel to educate others on how to restore their favorite games to perfect working condition.
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How To Replace The Battery In Your NES Cartridge by Dave The Hexed Pedestrian:


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