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Nintendo Power is back! Well…kinda. Nintendo Power has transitioned into a podcast. The full podcast is available below but we want to first mention how it all got started. You may remember when Nintendo released the first issue of Nintendo Power Magazine back in July 1988. The cover featured Mario jumping over a mushroom with his fists in the air. The now nostalgia filled magazine that started out as a way for Nintendo to advertise it’s products and offered hints to players is now a thing of the past since it’s publication ceased in 2012.

Nintendo Power was initially published in-house monthly by Nintendo of America, and later independently. It is formerly one of the longest running video game magazines in the United States and Canada and is Nintendo’s official magazine in North America. The final issue, volume 285, was released on December 11, 2012. (wiki).

Designer Eoin Stanley has archived the very first Nintendo Power Magazine that you can read and (download!) on his website. Follow This Link To View It [ ]
Trust us, you won’t be disappointed, the first issue is packed full of hints, nostalgic pictures and even the Overworld Map of The Legend of Zelda with all items marked.

You can listen to the new Nintendo Power Podcast in its entirety here. Originally aired on December 21st 2017.

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