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8-bit Kirby Koverage | Beating & Reviewing

kirby nes nintendo

Today, we dive into Kirby’s first five 8-bit adventures across the gameboy and NES. That means we are taking a look from start to finish at Kirby’s Dreamland, Kirby’s Adventure, Kirby’s Pinball Land, Kirby’s Dreamland 2, and Kirby’s Blockball. If you haven’t played through these games before, they are sureRead More …

Mega Man 5 NES | It’s Expensive But Is It Good?

mega man 5

Today, we take on the most expensive NES Mega Man out there – Mega Man 5. It’s about $100 for the cartridge these days… Is it just for collectors, or can Mega Man fans rally around it for good music and gameplay? If it is good, is it anywhere nearRead More …

Beating Ninja Gaiden While Running

New World Record by MarMax Gaming. Running 3.1 miles while beating one of the hardest NES games out there. Full playthrough non-stop. Full story: Over the last few decades, while you’ve been playing your video games, has the absurd thought ever crossed your mind, “gee, sitting comfortably on a couchRead More …

Top 10 Hardest Video Games

top 10 hardest video games

This is a Top 10 Hardest Games List of Games I’ve Beaten over the years… FULL to the brim of games featured on Top 10 lists, except I talk about what it’s like to actually FINISH these brutal challenges since I tackled the majority of these games over the courseRead More …

Beating & Reviewing: Cybernoid (NES)

cybernoid nes

If you enjoyed this video on Cybernoid, feel free to check out all of the other tough featured games on MarMax Gaming. Plus, unique obscure niche videos on completed Demo/Kiosk copies for N64, SNES, and Gameboy! Along with many others… hope you have fun! MarMax GamingI am a passionate gamerRead More …

Beating & Reviewing: Contra & Super C

contra nes, contra nintendo

MarMax gaming tackles Contra and Super C without using the Konami code. Check out the full review of both games. MarMax GamingI am a passionate gamer that works 55 hours a week. I got my start on the “Gnarly Gamers” and then “Retrosnow” channels. After 5 or 6 videos postedRead More …

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