Wellness & Gaming: How To Be Happy, Healthy, And Gaming

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We’re excited to announce we’ve added a new contributor to our ranks. Introducing Jeff Marmar from MarMax Gaming, an avid gamer, collegiate athlete, businessman, and YouTube personality. The NES Page is now featuring MarMax Gaming videos on the website under the reviews tab. One of Jeff’s latest videos talks about gaming, collecting, and general health & wellness. This topic really resonated with us because Jeff touches on some important parts of collecting, gaming, and overall wellness. Finding balance in our lives to do the things we love takes a proper amount of planning and dedication. In the video, Jeff talks about the balancing act between playing games and collecting games. It’s easy for collectors to get bogged down on values, completing lists, or other factors that take away the joy from the games themselves. Jeff references on how you can build a huge collection and how easily it can become insignificant to you.

He has suggestions on finding purpose in the games we collect. Jeff shares tips that can be done to improve our health and wellness. He includes helpful tips on the foods we should eat and how much sleep we should get. All these factors play an important role in living a happy, and healthy life while enjoying the games we love to play. For more from Jeff & MarMax Gaming subscribe to The NES Page and get real-time updates on new articles. We also encourage you to follow MarMax Gaming on YouTube.

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