Retro Trades: Trading, Buying, And Selling Made Easy

retro trades website

retro trades websiteIntroducing Retro Trades! The world’s newest gaming community that was built by, and for, retro gamers and collectors. Retro Trades set out to build a website where retro gaming fans could come together to trade or even buy and sell their games. This isn’t your average Offer-Up, Let-Go, or Facebook marketplace selling site. Retro Trades is an invite-only community where you have to receive an invite from a current member to join. Being that the original members and founders of the website are retro gaming collectors, and known throughout the retro gaming community, they set out to invite others who were respected, and knowledgable to the community. Once a member joins they are given 5 invite tokens they can use to send to 5 people of their choice. This helps the community regulate itself and allows them to scale at the right pace. The idea is to have a trusted, knowledgable, and safe place to post items you have for trade or sell. Members can easily tag items they like, message each other, make offers, see how many views their items are getting, rank each other, and more. Right now the website is in its beta phase, more features are sure to be rolled out. Follow their social channels, as they periodically put invite tokens up for grabs for their followers. So if you don’t know a member already this may be your best chance to get your foot in the door. Find them on Instagram, Twitter, and Youtube.

retro trades

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