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Do you want to learn how you can buy or create your own retro device?

First an introduction of who we are:

The NES Store opened in February 2014, we bought and sold classic NES, SNES and N64 games through our website and FB page. In February 2016, we closed the doors to our shop. Since then we changed our name to The NES Page which now serves as a place to discuss the NES, recent gaming news, retro gaming, collector information etc.

If you want to purchase a retro device. eBay is the place.

Simply search “Pi Cart” or “RetroPie” in the eBay search bar. Or click this link: RETRO KITS ON EBAY

Official Zelda Merchandise

For those that want to build your own.

You can find a ton of information just by googling “Raspberry Pi Build”.
Here are 2 tutorials to build your own:



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Please note:
Retro devices are fun and nostalgic. Whether you want to build one of your own or just play games. The NES Page does not advocate the use of any copyrighted materials when building your system. The use of ROMS of a copyrighted game is ILLEGAL. There are plenty of copyright free games or homebrews you can use on your retro builds. Do not use illegal ROMS! The NES Page is in no way affiliated with Nintendo and its respected partners. Our intent is just to show how fun and exciting retro gaming can be. Enjoy!

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