Beating Ninja Gaiden While Running

New World Record by MarMax Gaming. Running 3.1 miles while beating one of the hardest NES games out there. Full playthrough non-stop.

Full story:
Over the last few decades, while you’ve been playing your video games, has the absurd thought ever crossed your mind, “gee, sitting comfortably on a couch with a nice beverage just isn’t doing it for me?” Well, how about running 🏃 at the exact same time? Growing up, I would sometimes have this silly hypothetical in my head and wondered just how tough it would be.

Recently, I actually started thinking about how you could actually do something like this – no, not with a gameboy; with a real home console AND a tv. Pretty intense, right? Well, as I was thinking about it, I quickly figured that a bicycle with a rear wheel mounted platform would be the start of it.

After getting my friend, David Klingler (Solanimus) involved to be my cyclist 🚴 and to also help me with troubleshooting the first ever jerry-rigged NES BIKE… and don’t you worry, it’ll feature other consoles too.

While working on this, it wasn’t always a matter of “it’s because it’s first” It actually excited me as something bigger than that. This really is an absurdly hilarious, but also a physically rigorous test. What this series can do, is lend top notch entertainment while also closing the bridge between wellness and gaming. Wellness is something I’ve touched on before at MarMax Gaming in my Top 5 Wellness Tips for Gamers video, from a few months ago, but this concept takes it to another level.

Please, join me in the first ever Running & Gaming adventure – as we take on, in its entirety, Ninja Gaiden on the NES!

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