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Convention Do’s and Dont’s

With convention season around the corner, I wanted to take a break from my usual style of articles here on The NES Page and share some tips for all these upcoming video game conventions! So, without further ado, here are some Do’s and Dont’s for convention attending! These aren’t hardRead More …

Swapping Bits

I started collecting about seven years ago, by myself. Slowly wandering around my neighborhood yard sales, thrift stores, pawn shops, and flea markets digging through grimy, dirty bins and stacks of CDs and DVDs, hoping to unearth some part of my childhood from years ago. Growing up, “new to meRead More …

Remembering Toy R Us.

Chasing the Magic

I hadn’t gone to a Toys R Us in years. I’m older now, I don’t have any kids, and focused on “adulting”. I didn’t have any need for toys in my life. It’s funny that I say that, but still find myself distracted by action figures and Nerf guns whenRead More …

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